Traditional restaurant – cafe. Santorini, Greece.

Traditional restaurant

An extraordinary gastronomical and vinous experience at the most picturesque place…

The handmade light fixtures of the MAVROS Lighting brand shed light to this hospitable and homey atmosphere. When a traditional residence is turned into an elegant bar-restaurant – quite successfully, admittedly – the list of reasons is pretty long. Proper lighting is just one of them.

This particular project uses light fixtures of the IOS collection; large and smaller wall lamps with code numbers 7026C/30 and 7026C/20 respectively; three-bulb suspension lamps 5026C/30/3; smaller and bigger pendants with code numbers 3026C/20 and 3026C/30 respectively; spot lights 8026C, etc).

This restaurant with its delicious treats, aromatic drinks and exceptional aesthetics is the perfect place to be.