About us

MAVROS interior light fixtures Athens-Greece.

We manufacture and export our lighting all around the world.

Passion for art, hard work and high sense of responsibility. These are the main characteristics of MAVROS interior light fixtures company since its establishment in 1962. Starting as a small lighting craft shop in Kato Patissia (a small suburb of Athens), today our firm has expanded and it has been consolidated as one of the leading lighting manufacturing firms in Greece due to the high quality and the sophisticated designing of our products. Nowadays, the principles and the vision of its founder, Ioannis Mavros, are preserved by his successors Constantinos and Demetra Mavros.

The firm is now established in 2,500-square-metre proprietary facilities in Metamorphosi, Athens, and it constitutes an integrated lighting production unit. Our great variety of interior lights, both for domestic and professional use, appeals to every taste and offers a unique lighting solution. What is more, renowned clientele trusts us with really challenging projects, on account of our long-standing experience, innovative solutions and competitive prices. Our ultimate goal is the perfect combination of fine quality and price, and most importantly the after sales service.

We are always faithful to our customers and thus we respect and honour our name day after day. Our artistic creations illuminate the most exceptional places and they contribute to a better and brighter way of life because…

everything in life is light.