Ceiling fans


Why choose ceiling fans?

MAVROS company has improrted and distributed ceiling fans since 2007.

The ceiling fans have been a breath of fresh air in our everyday lives…

We have turned the air-conditioning off… Why?

The advantages of a ceiling fan are:

  1. Their power consumption is equal to that of an ordinary light bulb. They also feature a noiseless DC motor, which guarantees the lowest possible energy consumption. – 100% green 🌏
  1. Their carbon dioxide emission is by 20 times less than that of a modern air-conditioner. Ceiling fans are absolutely eco-friendly. – 100% green 🌏
  1. They reduce the cost of electricity by 40% when used in combination with an air-conditioner, as the function and usage time of the air-conditioner are reduced, too. – 100% green 🌏
  1. They neither freeze nor dry the air. A pleasant cool breeze fills the ambient. They are suitable for bedrooms, let alone nursery rooms. 100% comfort 🧸.
  1. They feature a six-gear remote control allowing you to choose the best for you. 100% comfort 🧸.
  1. They work as natural repellents, as they prevent mosquitoes and other insects. 100% comfort 🧸.
  1. They have an integrated LED lighting system, which is promptly replaced in case of malfunction. 100% green 🌏
  1. They can be installed easily and efficiently. In fact, the cost of installation is much cheaper than that of an air-conditioner. 100% economy 💰.
  1. No maintenance cost. 100% economy 💰.
  1. Last but not least, in winter, they can save a respectable amount of heat (through the reverse function of the flaps) by keeping the warm air low and recycling it. 100% green 🌏

A decent ceiling fan is absolutely beneficial to you and the environment.

It’s time for a wind of… light!

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