Italexport ceiling fans

Why choose an Italexport ceiling fans.

The ceiling fans have been a breath of fresh air in our everyday lives…

Our cooperation with the Italian ceiling fans manufacturing firm Italexport dates back to 2007, since when we have been the exclusive distributors of their products in Greece.


We have turned the air-conditioning off… Why?

The advantages of a ceiling fan are:


  1. Their power consumption is equal to that of an ordinary light bulb.
  1. They reduce an average room’s temperature by 6-8 degrees Centigrade (depending on the space and weather conditions).
  1. Their carbon dioxide emission is by 20 times less than that of a modern air-conditioner. Ceiling fans are absolutely eco-friendly.
  1. Ceiling fans are completely noiseless (0db).
  1. They reduce the cost of the electricity by 40% when used in combination with an air-conditioner; the function and usage time of the air-conditioner are reduced, too.
  1. A ceiling fan neither freezes nor dries the air. It is ideally suitable for nursery rooms.
  1. They can either operate with a remote control or the use of a double switch.
  1. Ceiling fans work as natural repellents.
  1. They work with LED, save-energy or eco-halogen lamps. Some models feature an integrated LED lighting system.
  1. They are exclusively manufactured in Italy, feature unique designs and satisfy everyone’s needs. Specifically, ITALEXPORT is the only certified manufacturer of the three-meter-diameter fan.
  1. Both ITALEXPORT and MAVROS LTD provide guarantees and after-sales service respectively.
  1. They can be installed easily and efficiently. In fact, the cost of installation is fairly cheaper than that of an air-conditioner.
  1. No maintenance cost.
  1. Last but not least, in the winter, they can save a respectable amount of heat (through the reverse function of the flaps) by keeping the warm air low and recycling it.

Ceiling fans: Time for a wind of… light!


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